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Proudly Serving Colorado Springs,
CO, and the Surrounding Areas
Serious Tree Care for the Urban Forest!
Proudly Serving Colorado Springs,
CO, and the Surrounding Areas
Serious Tree Care for the Urban Forest!

Winter Tree Care Services

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Wintertime Tree Care in Colorado Springs, CO

The winter is a cold and treacherous season that brings with it a variety of hazards for trees and shrubs. Help your plants make it through the winter by calling the certified arborists at Tree Artisans of Colorado Springs, CO.

Evergreen Care

Evergreens accumulate more snow and ice than regular plants, making them have a higher likelihood of breakage. Additionally, they transpire water through their foliage on warm winter days which can lead to desiccation. For proper evergreen winter care, we recommend routine pruning, cabling or temporary wrapping, ensuring the soil is moist, and mulching the root zone

Winter Pruning

Tree pruning is often overlooked in the wintertime. It is an important process as it ensures the structural integrity of your trees.
During the winter, we recommend:
  • Identifying and managing pests
  • Pruning dead, broke, or interfering branches
  • Checking for structural weaknesses
  • Replenishing mulch
  • Wrapping evergreens to prevent animal damage or damage from de-icing salt

Tree Inspections

Have a certified arborist inspect your trees so that they’re prepped for the long winter ahead. Scheduling a managed health care plan for your trees and shrubs can help ensure they last through the winter and save you money.

Tree Cabling

In the winter, heavy storms and brutal weather conditions can be hazardous for all types of trees. For weaker trees, we recommend cabling. Cabling involves attaching a length of extra-high-strength steel to between a tree’s branches. This is especially effective for trees with large outstretched limbs. Cables limit the movement of the supported branches so that they don’t fall.

Spring Preparation

Spring is a critical time when it comes to ensuring a prosperous growing season. We recommend the following:
  • Cut back herbaceous plants and remaining winter perennials
  • Remove dead plant material, leaves, and branches
  • Prep for new mulch by edging planting beds
  • Create shallow edges to avoid damaging existing plant roots during growth
  • Don’t place soil against the stem of woody plants
  • Top-dress beds with 3-4” of new mulch
  • Keep mulch away from woody plant stems
  • Apply dormant horticultural sprays before new growth process begins
  • Fertilize plants and adjust soil pH as needed
  • Monitor for pests
  • Prune plants
  • Plant new trees and shrubs
  • Delay planting until the fall in the event of a drought

Foliar Disease Management

Foliar disease is a common disease caused by fungi that affects any species of tree. Although usually prevalent in the spring, you can still find traces of foliar disease in the winter.
Telltale signs of foliar disease include:
  • Discolored or dead spots
  • Unusual coating on surface of leaves
  • Browning or yellowing
  • Bumps or pustules
  • Loss of needles on conifers
Infected trees are unsightly, so contact a pro as soon as you notice an issue

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