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Proudly Serving Colorado Springs,
CO, and the Surrounding Areas
Serious Tree Care for the Urban Forest!
Proudly Serving Colorado Springs,
CO, and the Surrounding Areas
Serious Tree Care for the Urban Forest!

Fall Tree Care Services

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Autumnal Tree Care in Colorado Springs, CO

Fall is the season of change for trees and shrubbery. Ensure your plants are healthy enough to survive the impending winter with the help of Tree Artisans. Call today!

Freeze and Thaw Damage Management

The temperature and weather have a massive impact on your trees. Fluctuating fall temperatures can lead to a variety of injuries and issues for your trees, namely frost heaving and winter bark cracking (splitting).
Frost heaving causes soil to move and crack, which pushes shrubs out of the soil and breaks roots. Cracks caused by frost can be colonized by decaying fungi or serve as an entry point for borer insect infestations.

New Tree Planting

The fall brings with it cooler temperatures and increased rainfall. This means that it’s an optimal time to plant new trees and shrubs; there is less drying out and higher survival rates in the fall. In the fall, root growth increases and improves stability, which results in more water and nutrients being absorbed.
Certain species including maple, birch, beech, and dogwood are considered fall planting hazards as they are more susceptible to the cold. New transplants and planting projects should be mulched with wood chips or other organic materials.
Apply this mulch just off the trunk to the outer drip line. If the weather is dry, we recommend deeply irrigating the root zone, but not directly to the trunk.

Winter Inspection

Winter storms and weather can wreak havoc on your trees. You should have them inspected in the fall so that they’re prepared for the winter.
  • Cabling trees with weak V-crotches
  • Pruning to eliminate weakened branches
  • Inspect cracks and breaks for infestation or diseases
  • Inspect roots and leaning trees that are susceptible to high wind loading

Storm Season Damage Prevention and Recovery

Frequently pruning your trees maintains their size and prevents them from interfering with buildings or sidewalks. Structural issues may be present in trees that are growing too quickly. If you have a tree like this on your property, you’ll need to maintain root crown ratios and reduce the potential for toppling during a windstorm.
Tree Artisans uses tree growth regulators to slow the growth of such trees. Regulators are applied to the soil immediately adjacent to the stem. They are absorbed and translocated throughout the crown, resulting in a slowed growth rate for about two years. Treated plants will even demand less water! You can have tree growth regulators applied at any time throughout the year.

Invasive Plant Management

Invasive plant species, like knotweed, honeysuckle, kudzu, and ivy, impact the natural ecosystem on your property. Eventually, they will replace indigenous plants which affect local animal diets. Summertime is the best season to treat and prevent invasive species.
At Tree Artisans, we use a systemic herbicide treatment and apply it to the stems or foliage. The treated brush can even be removed in the winter and replaced with a more desirable spring species.

Free Estimates on Fall Tree Care

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This is the third time we have used Tree Artisans. This family-owned business is exceptional, always completing the work per the estimate. The crew is professional and experienced and the results are exactly what you want. I highly recommend them to any homeowner who wants work done on their trees.
– Molly H. via Google

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