Revive Your Old or Infected Tree

Bring in our experts for tree care services in Colorado Springs, CO

Do you have a tree that's seen better days? You may still be able to save your old tree instead of cutting it down. The Tree Artisans in Colorado Springs, CO can nurse your tree and bring it back to life instead of removing it. We offer a variety of tree care services to help revive and maintain trees all year long.

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Helping your trees grow healthily

Your trees will be healthy in no time with our tree treatment services. We can:

  • Treat trees for diseases
  • Fertilize trees to help boost their growth
  • Help prevent insects from burrowing into trees

We'll come out to our property to assess your tree, diagnose any projects and determine what tree care services you need. We'll then calculate the dosage your tree will need and come back to administer the treatment to the base of the tree. Speak to our owner today if your tree is infected with fungus or insects.

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